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The works of Maarten Kleyne

Maarten Kleyne is a 22 year old digital artist from The Netherlands. Starting off as a web designer in 2006, Maarten got more focussed on a broader perspective in graphic design. Aside from his day job as a web designer he creates digital art work for various media.

Maarten Kleyne

His primary goal is to create art with a message, so that each artwork has it’s own story.

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The Dutch Eredivisie rankings in web design

The Eredivisie (Honorary Division) is the highest football league in the Netherlands and consists of 18 clubs. It is currently ranked the 10th best league in Europe by UEFA.

Instead of ranking them on scores we’ve decided to do a ranking on their websites. Here they are in order of worst to best:

  • 18. FC Groningen

FC Groningen website

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The works of Roy Korpel

Roy Korpel (born in Schiedam, 1979) is a Dutch illustrator. When he was only 6 years old, he discovered the crayons and started drawing away. Especially the copying of Donald Duck was an obsession.

In his school reports of group 5 and 6 there are notes from his teacher saying: “It’s nice to see Roy drawing so well, but something other than Donald Duck would be nice for a change!”.

Roy Korpel

Sweet illustrations by Roy Korpel

Now, many more years later he can safely say that he’s built up his own style in drawing. His kids are a huge source of inspiration, as you can tell from his portfolio. With humor and a hint of sarcasm, Roy puts a smile on everyone’s face.

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John’s Phone

Johns Phone
In a few weeks (October 2010) a new phone will be launched. This cell phone will impresses you with it’s extreme simplicity and good looks. It’s called John’s Phone.

Johns Phone

John’s phone doesn’t have a screen, digital address book or any other features we got used to on modern cell phone. The only feature it has is voice communication. That’s it. With John’s Phone you are always available. No frills and useless information such as cameras, SMS messaging, Internet and endless ringtones. John’s Phone keeps things simple.

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The Dutch Wolda ’09 winners

Wolda 2009

Wolda is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world, creating an archive that tracks the evolution of tastes, styles and trends in global design, year after year.

Wolda’s standing is guaranteed by the endorsement of many of the most important design associations: Wolda is the only awards scheme in the world endorsed by more than 100 design associations and schools.

Today, the winners of 2009 were announced. From all these winners there were also 6 Dutch logos awarded:

  • Best of The Netherlands: Niel-Jan Weijsters

Wolda 2009

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Samsung advertisement in Amsterdam

On thursday, may 20th 2010 at 21:45, Samsung introduced the first and largest 3D-outdoorproject in the Netherlands. The 3D-projection was aimed at the Beurs van Berlage and showed the audience how this historical building got revived in a almost magically way.

Watch the video:

Samsung – Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam on YouTube

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Live interactive mega billboard

Public service employees in the Netherlands face aggression and violence on the streets more and more often. Onlookers unfortunately do not intervene often enough when they encounter a situation like this. A live interactive billboard in Amsterdam and Rotterdam is used to place people in a similar situation witch confronts them with their inactivity.

Watch the video:

Interactive billboard on YouTube

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The logos of Dirk Leys

Dirk Leys is a 25 year old freelance graphic designer from Tilburg, the Netherlands. He’s been running his own brand identity design company called unieq since 2007 and works for clients worldwide. Dirk is also the designer of our Dutch Inspired logo and runs the logo inspiration website

Here’s a small overview from all the logo’s that Dirk has designed over the past years:

Dirk Leysadanvio by Dirk Leys

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Sushi collection, Morosso

One of the more global and intriguing furniture designs this year is Moroso’s Sushi Collection, designed by Edward van Vliet.

Edward van VlietSushi collection, Morosso by Edward van Vliet

For global furniture, Sushi is a design that does not appear to be suffering from economic woes. In fact, it looks quite well-off! Sushi debuted this year and has already been featured in three international design shows in Amsterdam, Milan, and New York.

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Woofers by Sander Mulder

Sander Mulder started studying design in 1996, sparked by the creativity and ingenuity he displayed as a child. It soon hit home; this would become his life long passion. His successful graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002, resulted in the start-up of his own design studio.

Sander Mulder

Always seeking new challenges and inspirations he has since then steadily been working on a diverse portfolio containing lighting, furniture and interior designs for international clients and his own collection. His work is proof of the firm believe that good concepts can only exist in symbiosis with a good execution, and it investigates new ways of approaching the construction, functionality and aesthetics of everyday objects and spaces.

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