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at 2010.02.27
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Each company, product, website, blog etc. needs their own identity. It’s what makes you stand out from your competitors and gives you visibility, credibility, and memorability.

Logo processLogo guidelines.

For this website, we’ve chosen to go with our main theme: Dutch design. The Netherlands is currently one of the world’s poles of great modern design. The country is a center of innovation and experimentation in architecture, urban planning, industrial design and graphic design. Dutch design is modern, functional, simple and direct.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With this in our mind, we wanted a memorable, simple, clear logo representing the Dutch design scene. Here’s how our logo took form:

  • The logo

The logo took form thanks to the letters ‘D’ and ‘I’ from Dutch Inspired. The letters were rotated and modified into a tulip, the flower from our worldwide known tulip fields.

Logo processOrange tulips.

Logo processRotation and modification of the letters ‘D’ and ‘I’.

  • Colors

The question of what colors to use was pretty obvious; black and orange ofcourse! Orange is the color of The Netherlands. Everywhere the Dutch show up, it turns orange.

Logo processThe logo colors: black and orange.

  • Typography

The type used for the word ‘Dutch Inspired’ is Calibri. This font is created by the Dutch type designer Lucas de Groot. Calibri’s many curves and the new rasteriser team up in larger sizes to reveal a warm and soft character.

Logo processCalibri by Lucas de Groot

  • About

The logo was designed by Dirk Leys, a brand identity designer from Tilburg, The Netherlands. It has already been featured on the following websites:

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