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The documents are written according to the rules of any work or text. Those rules that we used since the time we were children and that was introduced to us by our first teacher. Everyone should have:

  • Introduction
  • Development
  • Conclusion

Of course, depending on the type of document and its purpose, additional elements can be added later. Still within these complementary elements has one that is fundamental to validate all the work: the list of references consulted. It always appears after completion and can follow two formatting:

  • be placed in alphabetical order or
  • be placed in the order in which reference is made to it throughout the work.
  • Of course it is fundamental to know the rules that your educational institution or its supervisor wants. Sometimes they are very specific. At other times they allow students to make the choice that best fits their work.

The introduction should be made at the time you will make the conclusion. If you want to follow the order in which the work is presented, what can happen is that you will experience the sensation of blocking in writing. Because? Because the introduction summarizes all the work you will do.

If you have not already done so, the feeling you have is that there is a lot to do. How will you put it in a nutshell? It seems impossible and it is then that the feeling of not being able to write begins, arises the blockade, the procrastination, the discouragement, and all the emotions associated with this situation. So do not start typing the introduction right away.

In the development part, the ideal is to follow the rules and points given by your advisor. But not all define the course of the student. In this case each will be free to write according to their own scheme. As a general rule we have the following phases that should be quite distinct in this part of development:

  • Theoretical foundation
  • Methodology
  • Results presentation
  • Conclusions
  • These elements must be present in this sequence, so that all work follows a simple logic, scientific and recognized by the academic community. All must be properly identified and separated into subheadings if the work is of a considerable size, or only separated by paragraphs for considerably smaller work.

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