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The Writing of Policy Articles – Understanding the Process

Policy articles can be written considering a number of topics, such as the social condition of society and the role of politics, political development, policy risks and many other topics. To write such articles, students need to follow a strategic approach that is able to help them achieve success and achievement.

Articles are generally shorter texts, when compared with monographs or studies. However, like other academic papers, they should include a clear and informative introduction and a summary conclusion. If you need help with your articles in the field of politics, we have a team of professional writers ready to assist you throughout the process.

An article in political science needs to be written in an explanatory way. The reason it needs to be written this way is because you need to cover many aspects of the topic in order to incorporate information relevant to the topic addressed.

Political Science Concept

As a social science, contemporary political science began to take shape in the second half of the nineteenth century. Political science is a social science that deals with systems of government and the analysis of political activities, political thinking and political behavior.

It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics, which is commonly regarded as a determinant of the distribution of power and resources. It focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Its study allows to develop understandings on the institutions, practices and relations that constitute the public life and modes of investigation that promote citizenship.

Political science is methodologically diverse and appropriates many methods originating from social research. His approaches include positivism, interpretivism, rational choice theory, behaviorism, structuralism, poststructuralism, realism, institutionalism, and pluralism.

Political science, as one of the social sciences, uses methods and techniques that relate to surveys such as: primary sources such as historical documents and official records, secondary sources such as academic journal articles, research, statistical analysis, case studies, research experimental and model construction.

Some of the Policy Subfields

Political science comprises numerous subfields, including comparative politics, political theory, international relations, political methodology, and others such as political economy, public administration, and public policy. In addition, political science is related to economics, law, sociology, history, philosophy, geography, psychology, and anthropology.

You can cover countless topics in your policy articles by considering the existing subfields:

  • Comparative politics is the science of comparing and teaching different types of constitutions, political actors, legislature, and associated fields, all from an intra-state perspective. International relations deal with the interaction between nation-states, as well as intergovernmental and transnational organizations.
  • Political theory is concerned primarily with the foundations of the political community and institutions. It focuses on human nature and the moral purposes of political association. Political theory also focuses on empirical research on how political institutions function in practice. In essence, it seeks to deepen political thinking and encourage citizens to take responsible and creative political action.
  • International Relations is concerned with developing an understanding of why states and international non-state actors, such as the United Nations and multinational corporations, interact like them. As the world becomes more interdependent, scholars have become more aware of the importance of international economic activity. As a result, scholars are analyzing world trade, communications, development, foreign investment and international finance.
  • Political Methodology refers to the philosophical foundations of political science, social sciences, conception and empirical analysis of research and practical field research experience.
  • Comparative politics is a broad field with a variety of approaches and goals that you can use in your articles. Some scholars and researchers compare contemporary political systems to judge which types provide the best values ​​in particular: order, equality, freedom or economic security, and well-being for their citizens.

If you decide to approach international relations, international conflict, particularly war, remains an important focus of the field and one that you can discuss in your policy articles:

  • Why do wars begin?
  • Who wins and why?
  • How can wars be prevented?
  • What is the role of international law and organizations?
  • How states make foreign policy decisions.
  • National security policies.
  • Nuclear deterrence, arms control and defense spending decisions.
  • In the subfield of political methodology you can address philosophical questions about the possibility of a science of politics, the similarities and differences between political science and other social sciences, alternative modes of explanation, and the truth of the claims of knowledge. You can also examine the formulation of experimental and non-experimental research to make causal inferences about political processes and behavior.

Considerations for Your Policy Articles

When writing political science articles one should read well on the subject, the topic should be well researched and you should include relevant information needed for the topic. It is important that you opt for a topic you like and master.

Some students lack experience and skill in academic writing. They may make grammatical, orthographic, structural, and even content errors simply because they are not familiar with the demands of academic work, norms, or simply have no writing practice, failing to express their thoughts and ideas in a concise and objective manner.

Coupled with these difficulties, often the time allotted for work delivery is simply unattainable.

The best way to avoid a low grade or even not deliver a job is to hire a reliable writing service that specializes in academic work and skilled writers.

Writing any job requires:

  • Search all relevant information
  • Think about it
  • Decide which topic to address
  • Collect relevant data
  • Consider and note the necessary bibliography
  • Referencing and correctly citing the bases used
  • Respect the structure and regulations required
  • All this activity seems simple and small, but when it comes to practice, it takes a long time to complete.

The Structure of Policy Articles

The structure of an article should contain a well-defined introduction, where the informative paragraphs are interconnected with each other with the continuity of ideas. The body of the article should be written with an adequate description of ideas and arguments, validated with author’s comments duly referenced with quotations in the text.

It should also include a conclusion summarizing the main ideas. At the end, there should be a detailed citation page, containing all the references used.

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